5-in-1 Baby Car Seat And Nursing Covers With 2 FREE Pacifier Clips

REMARKABLE VERSATILITY AND RESULTS; Can be used as a Car Seat Cover, Nursing Cover, Stroller/Rocker Cover or Scarf. Exclusively made with top quality material that will not rip or tear. The 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex combination makes the cover lightweight, extra soft, breathable, durable and long lasting. Keeps your baby cool while protecting them from sunlight, elements and prying eyes.

UNIQUE PONCHO DESIGN IS FLEXIBLE AND ALLOWS FOR QUICK SETUP OF CAR SEAT COVER: The cover is flexible and can easily adjust to many car seats. It shields the baby from the sun while making it easy to check on the baby without adjusting the cover. The Poncho design prevents stretching of material thereby ensuring that the cover maintains its elasticity. This will prevent the cover from becoming too loose and not fitting properly on the car chair.

baby car seat cover

FUNCTIONAL PONCHO DESIGN ENSURES THE PERFECT COVERAGE WHILE FEEDING: While some mothers prefer to be covered all the way around (i.e. T-shirt design), the majority of mothers find that the poncho design provides both the coverage and flexibility that their babies demand. For example, a fit that is not stretchy enough causes the baby to feel constrained and creates a stressful feeding. Our design also ensures that the neck does stretch out, preventing slippage of the cover during breastfeeding.

nursing cover

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE DUE TO VERSATILE MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN; Our product can also be used as Fashionable Scarf (multiple styles), stroller cover, rocker cover and chair cover (it can cover almost anything). The versatile and compactness of our cover makes traveling with your baby much easier. Even if you are not a parent of a toddler yourself, this baby cover is a perfect and thoughtful baby shower gift idea. Setup for all uses is covered in the “user guide” that will be emailed out.

stroller cover

BRILLIANT! TWO FREE PACIFER CLIPS INCLUDED: Along with your baby seat cover, you will receive 2 free pacifier clips. Our objective is to always over deliver for our customers, we want to make our your lives a bit easier. The clips will make baby feeding easier by ensuring the pacifiers are always close by.

pacifier clips

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